You may be wondering, “Why in the world would we need a guide for tortillas and healthy eating? I mean, tortillas aren’t that complicated, right?” Well, you’re right! Tortillas aren’t complicated at all. As you may know, they’re only made from a few basic ingredients. And in some cases, just flour and water!

Where we stray from the “tortilla stack” is when a food product has to hold up to being on the grocery shelves for long periods of time.

Or perhaps when a food product doesn’t have much taste to it. In response, a food manufacture “feels” a need to add sugar in it to give it a taste “boost.” Keep in mind, added sugars can go by over 60 different names on the food label! Yes you read right, 60. How can we be sure something doesn’t have any sugar with this many aliases?

But not tortillas, right? Who would leave tortillas lying around for long periods of time? And who in their right mind would add sugar to a tortilla?

Like most food products on the shelves, tortillas have fallen victim to this wonder called food processing!

Need longer shelf life? No problem…food manufactures can add preservatives and artery-clogging trans fats to keep foods on the shelf long enough until someone buys.

And you will be surprised how many tortillas I found on the market that have trans-fat in them!

While they’re at it, why not add some sugar as well? One brand in particular adds sugar to almost all their tortillas!

As much as the food processing can be a concern, I felt there was an even greater need to write this guide.

So what is it?


Tortillas are part of our culture here in Texas. It’s a huge part of many favorite dishes! One couldn’t imagine a week of eating where tortillas didn’t play a role somehow in their meals.

We really don’t have to give many examples, but tortillas are everywhere down here. There is a reason we have restaurants called “Taquerias,” which a simple translation means “taco store!” And you need tortillas to make tacos, right? No doubt about it, at least if we are traditionally speaking.

Another consideration of mine as a wellness coach is the prevalence of preventable diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease, that affect many individuals.

It is highly understood that lifestyle choices, such as eating patterns, play a huge role in preventing some of these devastating conditions.

In the end, it seemed like to me that it made sense that a little direction couldn’t hurt!
Let’s gather our ingredients to see more clearly what I mean:

  • 2 scoops of “tortillas play a huge role in our eating patterns in the lone star state”
  • 1 scoop of “tortillas are part of the mountain of foods that are being processed”
  • ½ scoop of “lifestyle choices, such as eating patterns, play a role in preventing major diseases like type 2 diabetes”
  • Pinch of “my professional role as a wellness educator and coach”

After putting all those ingredients in a bowl, mixing them well and doing a little kneading afterwards…

I flattened it all out with a tortilla press and to my surprise…out came this book!

Now…Let’s jump on the comal and really start to heat things up!

-Leo Trevino Jr.

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