The Science of Fasting

Documentary Review by Leo Trevino

“Fasting is a universal method that can be used to treat many diseases.” -excerpt from The Science of Fasting.

If that didn’t raise your eyebrows, then the only thing left is to prove it with science and testimonials!

What a great documentary, just under one hour length time that packs a powerful punch on the ancient practice of fasting.

What’s fascinating is places such as Goriachinsk in the Siberian Mountains and Lake Constance in Germany. These locations actually have medical facilities dedicated to fasting, and it’s therapeutic benefits!

The documentary breaks down many specifics of the biological processes in fasting as it relates to energy sources, and also provides data from studies on the effects of fasting.

Very interesting, highly recommended!!

Who should watch?

  • Fasting-ethuisiast
  • Fasting practioners
  • Anyone wanting more info on benefits of fasting
  • Anyone wanting to hear testimonials on benefits of fasting
  • If you have any condition and are open to alternative treatments
  • Anyone who is a student of eating patterns, nutrition/health studies, and diet trends.

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