The Magic Pill

Documentary Review by Leo Trevino

Great documentary for any and all who are curious of the benefits of going on a ketosis diet.

Some of the examples include a few case studies with a little girl who has epilepsy and another who survived cancer. Both individual had amazing results trying and living a ketogenic lifestyle. These are great example of how this eating pattern is extremely helpful for these conditions.

Many credible individuals interviewed in the documentary, including two I listen to for insights; Dr David Perlmutter and Dr Jason Fung

Who should watch?

  • Keto-enthusiast
  • Anyone wanting more info on Keto diet benefits
  • Anyone wanting to hear testimonials on Keto diets
  • If you have epilepsy or cancer and are open to alternative treatments.
  • Anyone who is a student of eating patterns, nutrition/health studies, and diet trends.

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