Twelve Pillars

Book Review by Leo Trevino

“For thing to change, you have to change.” One of my favorite teachings from one of the all time greats personal motivators, Jim Rohn. And how much more truth can we ask for in such a statement?

Immerse yourself in a a great short story from Jim Rohn and Chris Widener in their book, Twelve Pillars, where the lessons of life are brought to fruition by a lovable story of friendship. One of the beauties of life are the great stories we can tell and learn from. Some of the best stories that have been told through the ages all share some common thread; they each leave us with powerful life lessons and inspiration to make a positive change for humanity.

Here are my key takeaways…

  • Take advantage of your own personal development. Attend seminars, study the best people in your field, and implement what you learned.
  • The three dimensions of health are all important and need attention from us: physical, intellectual/emotional/will, and spiritual.
  • That which is valuable is hard to get, and is the reason why so few go for it.
  • Major reason for setting goals is for what it will make of you to accomplish it.
  • Surround yourself with winners, successful people who exhibit and live consistent to values and skills you want to acquire. All the people we surround ourselves with we have to ask…”how do they affect us?”
  • Books have been, are and will continue to be one of the greatest learning tools in human history.
  • Be a person of strong character and increasing skill, and you will always be growing in influences.
  • Learn to help people more with their job, help them with their lives.
  • Create a positive vision of the future, make a plan to get there, communicate it, and then work the plan.

Its a great short read with many helpful and powerful lessons that can change your life. What makes it so enjoyable is that it’s told in the frame work of a story, as oppose to a straight up “self-help” book.

With two lovable characters that build a friendship and help each other to learn more about the “big” picture of life, this is one great short story book that is definitely worth your time. Don’t miss this one.

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