The Great American Health Hoax: The Surprising Truth About How Modern Medicine Keeps You Sick―How to Choose a Healthier, Happier, and Disease-Free Life

Book Review by Leo Trevino

If you’ve ever seeing a magic trick before, you know the absolutely joy and amazement you feel at the moment the trick is completed. People always ask, “how did you do that?” A good magician will never do the same trick twice. This is because you may “catch” what he did.

Now imagine that the magician told you the secret. Now that joy and amazement is gone that was once there. In the book, The Great American Health Hoax, Raymond Francis is the magician telling us the secrets behind one of the greatest magic tricks of our time, our current health care system. Except this time, your joy and amazement may turn to shock when you learn the truth!

I first saw Raymond Francis in the documentary, The Big Secret, that was just released here in 2018. I was intrigued by his personality and insights that I decided to buy his latest book. And “wow,” there is more going on around us then we know!

Here are my key takeaways…

  • There is no dying that we are a sick population. Three in four have a diagnosable chronic disease. Two out of three take prescription drugs, with three out of four over sixty taking more than 2 a day. One out of four children under eighteen has a least one chronic disease.
  • All disease can be summed up under one condition; cell malfunction.
  • Only two cause of disease aka cell malfunction: deficiency and toxicity. Taking that into considerations are actions to protect from disease should be these two focuses: provide the cells with nutrients, and protect the cells from toxins.
  • To get well and become biologically younger, your job is to make every new cell better than the one it’s replacing.
  • Six pathways to health (or disease depending on your actions in each): nutrition, toxin, mental, physical, genetic, and medical.
  • Americans populate 4% of the world but account for 50% of all the prescriptions taken.
  • Fasting is a powerful detoxification process. See The Science of Fasting documentary for more info.
  • If your sick and you want to get well…you must change both what you eat and what you think! “Wherever you go, no matter the whether, bring your own sunshine.”
  • There is a powerful mental side to good health. You are in charge, choose happiness. The will to live, choosing happiness, and maintaining an inner peace and calm are key to better health.
  • Antibiotics meant to kill bacterial infections do massive damage to beneficial bacteria in gut.

The book outlines many interesting points and considerations to maintain optimal health. One thing I really enjoy is that each chapter has a closing segment to it that summarize key points within these categories of health, referred to in the book as “Your Maintenance List:” Energy Production, Inflammation, Acid/Alkaline Balance, Digestive Health, Hormonal Balance, Platelet Stickiness, and Fat Storage. Very useful to go back and read the point of the chapter and how they tie into these categories and tips to make the best of the information.

Also, Raymond Francis himself suffered a very severe illness that nearly took his life. His recovering and reversing of his condition is motivation enough to take this info, apply, and make a change for your health and for your future!

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