Mini Habits for Weight Loss: Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering. (Volume 2)

Book Review by Leo Trevino

Can weight loss by a seemless task where you don’t have to deprive yourself of all the things you love to eat and do? Can changing your habits a little at a time give you the leverage and confidence you need to succeed with you weight loss goals?

In the book Mini Habits for Weight Loss, author Stephen Guise gives us all the best tips and tricks to get our habits in line with our health goals. His solution? Start making and conquering “mini habits!”

Here are my key takeaways…

  • Depriving the body with low calories diets over a period of time will ultimetly result in weight gain. One study showed that after depriving the body for too long with low calories, participants ended up gaining 50% more weight.
  • Consistency is a key indicator of behavior change and has proven to be 1.5 times effective in people who are consistent with their eating patterns and physical activity to maintain weight.
  • Losing weight should be looked at like gaining weight. Many people don’t “try” to gain weight, yet its there habits over a period of time that allow them to do so. With weight loss, it’s the gradual change of habits that are effect more lasting weight loss.
  • Small behavior changes are subtle enough to avoid subconscious resistance. These are the mini habits you create. There are designed to be building blocks and to be done daily, even on your “worst day.” This is the sign of a good mini habit.
  • Quality foods have high satiety-to-calorie ratio, nutritional value, and body healing components.
  • Calorie counting fails because it doesn’t consider satiety.
  • The more a food is processed the higher the glycemic response and the lower its satiety.
  • When taking multi-vitamins you miss out on the “synergy” of getting the whole food with its flavnoids, enzymes, and minerals. The bio-availability of the whole food is superior, primarily because of its water content.
  • Food is rewarding biologically at two levels called sensory and post-ingestion.
  • Repeated exposure trains flavor preference.
  • To success in weight loss, you must change into the type of person who weighs less.
  • Don’t focus on cutting out foods, focus on adding more healthy foods.
  • “Social Eating Dynamics” are a big reason most people can’t lose weight, such as wanting to fit in and not wanting to offend anyone. It’s critical to be able to say “no,” if you can’t, you will be at the mercy of other people’s ideas for life.
  • The most weight expected to lose, the less weight actually loss, according to a study.
  • You change your diet by practicing your new diet you would like to have.
  • Some mini habit examples:
    • One extra serving of fruit per day
    • One extra serving of vegetables per day
    • One mini healthy food upgrade
    • Drink one glass of water
    • Chew your bite 30 times

I can go on and on about this book. There is just some much great facts, tips, advice and general good information that I can’t simply fit into a “review.” It’s a great companion to anyone looking to lose weight, and I would even say for anyone just trying to maintain their weight and live a healthier life.

The principals Stephen Guise lays out about conquering mini habits to encourage behavior change is absolutely a great and fundamental way to go about leading a healthier lifestyle. Do yourself a favor and get this book, read it, and practice it!

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