Grinding It Out: The Making of McDonald’s

Book Review by Leo Trevino

You’ve seeing them everywhere…the golden arches! You’ve had happy meals, big macs, dollar menu items and endless amounts of chicken nuggets! Yes McDonald’s it is.

But beyond the arches and the menu, something else was cooking in those begin years. Hot off the grill was the American Dream. A dream Ray Kroc was destined for!

If you ever wondered how the billion dollar company McDonald’s came about, or if you like to study or read about inspirational business man of American history, then go get your order through the drive thru, finish you quarter pounder w/cheese, and order this book!

Ray Kroc delivers in his autobiography, Grinding It Out

Here are my key takeaways…

  • Ray Kroc didn’t let old age stop him. He started growing and expanding the McDonald’s franchise when he was 52! Adding a beautiful chime to the saying “it’s never too late!”
  • One of my favorite quotes from him in the book is when he said people would say he was an overnight success…to which he responded. “Sure I was an overnight success, only it was 30 years in the making!” Proving that consistent work in your field can lead to big payoffs when you continue to “grind it out.”
  • Ray Kroc was an exceptional sells man. He valued a straightforward approach and one quote I like was when he said, “I learned how to plan my work and work my plan.”
  • Like most successful men, he advocated that you must believe you can achieve something, you must take risk and “be in it to the ends of your toes.”
  • Ray Kroc also fully understood the value of teaming up with good people. He had some bright people working with him throughout the whole McDonald’s empire. Starting with the McDonald brothers who created the “concept” of the restaurant, to Fred Tuner that would eventually take over as president.
  • My favorite quote from the book is one that is echoed in the film, The Founder, staring Micheal Keaton. Ray Kroc much favored this quote:

    “Press on: Nothing in the world could take the place of persistence!”

Excellent, quick read to get you motivated and inspired!

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