Food Sanity: How to Eat in a World of Fads and Fiction

Book Review by Leo Trevino

Name a food. Now put the word “diet” after it. Viola! If you lucky, you just invested a new “diet.” But, chances are it already exist! Yes, there is a such thing as the “Twinkie diet” in case that was the food you thought of!

With so much out there on how we should eat, it is easy to go insane with the advice that is out there.

Well, lets get our sanity back in Food Sanity, by Dr David Friedman. Cutting through all the trimmings, we get to the meat of the real deal behind our food. And for once, a practical explanation of what in the world we should eat (but only if we care about our health of course).

Here are my key takeaways…

  • The opening chapter breaks the current fad of the “paleo” diet. Linking historical evidence and also a very in detail breakdown of the anatomy of a “known” carnivore (lion) and ourselves as humans. You may be surprised to know we aren’t really “set up for success” to eat meat. Just saying.
  • Calcium in milk is rendered useless with the milk is pasteurized. Which is how it must be legally sold. Furthermore, magnesium plays a key role in the partnership with calcium. The plant world has the ratio at 1:1, calcium to magnesium. Milk on the other hand? 9:1. Without magnesium, it’s less effective.
  • Hormones are used in mild to make cows produce 10x more milk than they would naturally. Hormones lead to infections of the udder because of “over milking,” which then leads to antibiotics. Where does all this end up?…yep, in your bowl of cereal.
  • Beef has highest concentrations of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics. This is causing problems like contribution to the growth of tumors, colon cancer, and the destruction of the beneficial bacteria in the gut. A sugar only found in beef causes inflammation.
  • Cooking chicken at high heat, or any meat for that matter, produce Phlp, a group of carcinogenic compounds know as heterocyclic amine(HCA) and a contributor to cancer.
  • Omega 3 is an important anti-inflammatory dietary fat. Low levels are associated with depression and aggression. Omega 3 reduces a known marker of inflammation known a C-reactive protein.
  • Selenium dependent enzymes that naturally protect the brain are abundant in fish and cancel out any mercury worries.
  • Mercury poisoning from fish is more myth that fact, being covered up for years to protect the financial interest of other meat industries.
  • 90% of salmon sold and eaten is farmed. Farmed salmon are more fattier and are fed a unnatural diet of corn treated with pesticides. These pesticides accumulate in the fat of the salmon. Be sure to buy wild caught!
  • Pork is a poor choice of meat to eat. Since pigs don’t sweat, many toxins build up in the fat of a pig. Bacon and sausage are the work contenders. The fact that the venom of a snake doesn’t kill a pig when bite, should tell you something about the toxic storage ability of a pig…and consequently, the toxic level of food on your plate when you choose pork products.
  • Going biblical, Ezekiel 47:12 “the fruit shall be for food, and the leaves thy medicine.”
  • “80% of health care costs would be eliminated if people ate a whole food plant based diet.” – Dr Campbell (The China Study)
  • When it comes to supplements, only 10% is absorbed compared to 70%-80% when eating it naturally from whole foods

This book is very detailed and gives an array of great and useful information. This is one of those most reads for those out there continuing to improve their eating patterns, and for those out there that need to know where to start!

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