Kitchen Inventory


What is Kitchen Inventory?

How many times have you been sitting at work wondering what you have at home to make for dinner? Or your in the midst of your grocery run and cannot remember when your bread at home expires? And further, how much of the food in your pantry has been there long enough that you forgot it was even there!? Kitchen Inventory is a web based application that would give you the answer to all of these questions right from the convenience of any of your devices! (with internet connection)

How does it work?

Users (free to sign up!) will access their Kitchen Inventory by logging in above. Your last saved Kitchen Inventory will appear. Use the Add Item section to search for your grocery item, then fill in the details if applicable (expiration date, percent full, storage) before saving it to your inventory. Once your inventory starts to expand, you can sort how you want to view the items by name, brand, expiration date, date added, and percentage full! When items becomed expired or completely consumed, you can remove them from your inventory (they will be saved in your inventory history for future reference.) If items are partially consumed or moved to another storage area, you can update those items to reflect the new details. Changes are automatically saved each time!

How can I make the most of Kitchen Inventory?

First time users are encouraged to "inventory" the groceries in their kitchen to start off with adequate data, but whether you choose to do that or not it is at the very least recommended to update your Kitchen Inventory during or after each grocery trip. By inputting as much details for each item as possible, you are increasing the power of your Kitchen Inventory app and over time the data collected can be used to see your grocery trends (what items you eat most, how fast items go, which items you let expire frequently, etc.) In the end, by using Kitchen Inventory correctly you are preventing food waste, saving money, and learning about your households grocery trends!